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An article about the dividing line between art and photography
Art and Photography

I was struck this week by two separate stories in the press which are centered on the dividing line between art and photography.

The first story I read was about John Stezaker, a wonderful artist who was named this year's winner of the Deutsche Borse photography prize

BBC News - John Stezaker wins Deutsche Borse Photography Prize for 2012

You'll see from the link that Stezaker is not a photographer but uses other photographers work to produce new and interesting works of art that are clearly his own vision.

Contrast his approach with that of artist Ben Ali Ong who this week was dropped by his gallery in Australia after they discovered that his works of art were based on uncredited photos that he had sourced from Getty.

Peta Pixel - Gallery drops Photo Artist Ben Ali Ong

What do you think?

- do you think that Stezaker should have won such a prestigious photography prize for his work?; and....

- do you think that Ben Ali Ong is right in defending his work with the following statement?:
"There’s nothing wrong to admit that you outsource photos. You’re not calling yourself a photographer, which is not what I do. I call myself a photo media artist.”

Ian Bramham
6th September, 2012

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