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Venice – The Cruise Ship and the Gondolas


The story behind my photo of a line of gondolas in Venice with a large modern cruise ship passing behind them. ...more

Yin-Yang at the Louvre Pyramid, Paris


Some special light at the Louvre pyramid. Paris ...more

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong


My favourite photos - Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong ...more

Composition in Art - Learning from Vincent.


A visit to The National Gallery, London, April 2014 to see Van Gogh's Sunflowers. ...more

Why Black and White?


During October and November 2013 I have some of my photos in a "black and white" themed exhibition of art at the Paperboat Gallery in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. I was unable to attend the opening evening so the gallery asked me to write a few words about my photos. ...more

What makes a powerful photograph?


Fascinating and insightful quotes from eight influential photography professionals on what it is that makes a powerful photograph. ...more

Landscape Photography Tips - "The Photographer's Ephemeris"


A review of a great desktop programme and smartphone 'app' for all landscape photographers. ...more

What is Fine Art Photography?


Photography as art and what it means to me. ...more

Art and Photography


An article about the dividing line between art and photography ...more

Ian Bramham - Introducing Myself!


An introduction and a story about one of my photos ...more

Photographic Composition 5 - Frame Edges & Visual Separation


This is the fifth and final article in my series on the subject of photographic composition. ...more

Photographic Composition 4 - Light & Form


Great light can make or break composition - in this article we'll explore why. ...more

Photographic Composition 3 - Emotion


The third article in my series on photographic composition. ...more

Photographic Composition 2 - Balance


The second in a series of articles I'm writing on photographic composition. This article discusses the important issue of 'balance'. ...more

Photographic Composition 1 - The KISS Technique


This is the first article in a series that I'll be writing discussing my approach to composition in photography. ...more