Latest News - 1st January, 2020
One of my photos has been featured by Flickr as one the top 15 photos from the UK in 2019. It's one that I took in March of a line of hawthorn trees in the snow near the lovely village of Nannerch in North Wales.
Approximately 150 million photos are uploaded to Flickr each year so to be selected as one of the top 15 from the UK felt like a real achievement. Flickr also selected the photo as one of their worldwide top black and white photos of 2019
Nannerch Trees
Nannerch Trees


Fine Art Photography

Ian's first love is black and white fine art photography and he has been deeply inspired by famous fine art b&w photographers such as Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, Michael Kenna, Richard Avedon, Edward Steichen and Bill Brandt.

Here's a link to the section of this website where Ian discusses the five aspects of photography that are most important to him as an artist, namely Beauty, Simplicity, Great light, Truth and Individuality:

Ian Bramham: Artist's Statement

Fine art photographic prints of all the images that you will see on this site are available for purchase. Simply go to the Gallery section and click on the photo that you like and under it you will see a choice of print sizes and a button for adding your purchase to the shopping cart.

All prints are personally checked and signed by Ian Bramham.

Testimonials from purchasers of prints:

"They are absolutely stunning! These prints are not only well packaged, but the craftsmanship is evident. I am so pleased with them."
L.A. - Pennsylvania, USA

"The prints have just arrived. I am so happy with them...they are really beautiful."
S.H. - London, UK

"The print is gorgeous. It is a beautiful piece of work and I cannot thank you enough for taking the shot and for making it affordable!....I have just taken the image in to be framed and I'll send you a shot of the finished product. Thank you again! Your work has brought quite a bit of joy to my wife and me!"
S.A. - New York, USA

"[The prints] arrived safely & in perfect condition!...had a look this morning & they're lovely. Can't wait to get them framed now!"
MS, Queensland, Australia

"The print arrived during the week....It's beautiful - the colours are stunning".
E.W. - London, UK

“The print arrived in perfect shape. It’s a wonderful photo. I saw you mention that you are influenced by Michael Kenna. I always thought some of your shots were reminiscent of his work… I have a couple of his photos. I am very happy to add yours to my collection!”
K.H. - California, USA.

“I came across Ian’s work whilst searching through Flickr - this led me to his website and photography portfolio.As a keen photographer myself, I find Ian’s work stands out for it’s stylish simplicity and thoughtfulness, which is not easy to convey in an image. His website has a professional layout and is simple to navigate, yet uncluttered, leaving the images to speak for themselves.Ian’s website also contains a wealth of information and blogs and I noticed that he was exhibiting some of his latest fine art photography at a gallery in Macclesfield. Having missed the opening I contacted Ian, who very kindly agreed to meet up to discuss his work and answer my many questions. This has been a great help and source of inspiration for my own photography.I must say his images are even more impressive in print and I am very happy to have purchased two black and white framed photographs of my home town of Manchester - the image quality is second to none.”
A.R. - Manchester, UK (5 * Google Review)

“Ian, that is the very embodiment of "above and beyond" - thank you so much! One of the prints is a birthday present for my sister, and now there will be a great story behind its trip to her.....Thanks again for the incredible customer service, Ian - truly amazing!”
R.G. - Seattle, USA.

“I've received the prints. I have to say, they look just stunning. I am indeed delighted.
Thanks very much for taking such care in producing them……Don't be at all surprised if you see more orders from me in the future!”

P.T. - Glasgow, UK.

“Thank you very much for sending the photo so quickly and making special arrangements for delivery. The photo is lovely and I'm getting it framed for the wedding. Thanks again.”
H.M. - London, UK.

“I'm really looking forward to getting this framed! It's going to sit perfectly in my lounge. You're in great company, we've just had two of Bill Brandt's post war nudes framed and hung on our bedroom wall...”
M.S. - Staffordshire, UK.

“The package was here when I got home from work-Mr A was home so took delivery. It arrived this morning. The photograph is beautiful…….Thank you so much for your care and attention.”
R.A .– Warwickshire, UK.

Testimonials from Magazine editors:

Cloud Machine
Cloud Machine

“Ian has shown the skill that all great photographers have – the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary…..some might tell you that a great landscape requires a pretty view but Ian’s shot doesn’t so much argue with that as beat it over the head with a coal shovel and run off with its wallet”
Kingsley Singleton - Deputy Editor, Digital Photo magazine

Île de Ré
Île de Ré

“Less is often more. Ian’s rather minimalist landscape revels in its simplicity and calmness”
Andrew James - Editor in Chief, Practical Photography magazine

L'Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris
L'Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris

“beautifully composed, a truly sophisticated shot”
Astrid Kogler - Deputy Art Editor, Building magazine

Rainstorm, Iceland
Rainstorm, Iceland

This shot of geese flying through a rainstorm in Iceland splits itself into three compositional levels, all of which balance to create a thoroughly atmospheric shot.
Amateur Photographer Magazine - APOY 2013 Competition

Blackpool Beach - The Roller Coaster
Blackpool Beach - The Roller Coaster

“It’s all about the two silhouetted figures. With them in the picture you’ve got an evocative story-telling picture…..they give such a brilliant scale to the place. They make the beach seem huge and empty and slightly desolate”
Ben Hawkins - Deputy Editor, Practical Photography magazine

All images on this site are © Ian Bramham