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'Shadows & Light'





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    "When I look at any photographer’s work, the highest accolade I can give is to wish I’d been the one behind the camera taking the shot. I do this on every page of this book. I suspect you’ll feel the same."
    Andrew James, Editor-in-chief, Practical Photography

    'Shadows & Light' is being sold as a signed limited edition of 100 copies and each book includes in the price a limited edition signed print of your choice of one of the photos in the book.
    Testimonials from Purchasers:

    "So, I got your book Ian, and it is absolutely superb ! The quality of paper and printing are top and the format is just perfect.
    I noticed cover and back cover pictures were taken in France !
    I knew and loved some of the pictures you posted on Aminus and re-discovered them in their physical version: a much better experience.
    I am an absolute fan of the power stations pictures.
    The text of Andrew James is very clever.
    Voilà voilà.
    It was my first contact with your book and the least I can do is sending you again my deep and sincere congratulations."
    G.B. - Paris, France

    "Your book arrived safely and speedily, and it is as lovely as I expected. It even smells as good as it looks!
    I expect you know how difficult it is to choose favourites among photos, but on this occasion I think I'd like a print of number 42 (trees in mist - the centrefold of your book).
    Wishing you all the best"

    P.T - Glasgow, UK

    "I would like to thank you for your help with this and brilliantly speedy delivery as promised.
    Its a wonderful book you should be very pleased and proud.
    Many thanks and kind regards"

    C.G. - Wiltshire, UK